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      3/23/2016

Best dentist office. SO personable and kind. They make going to the dentist enjoyable, Dr. Dan is talented and I've learned so much about my teeth. Glad I found them! I highly recommend going to them! :) service like this is very appreciated.

Molly R., Canton, MA

      December 2015

Dr. Dan and his staff are the nicest, kindest, most gentle folks in town. I go with my two kids and it's an event we always look froward to. Dr. Dan is funny and his staff is kind. If you're not up for the conversation, you can watch any show/movie on netflix while they work.

Ian M.

      10/20/2015

THE BEST DENTIST!! Dr. Dan is the BEST! After my previous experience with dentists my mouth was in sad shape. Dr. Dan is working with me in prioritizing the most urgent procedures to avoid unnecessary expense. He is truly dedicated to his profession but even more importantly he cares about his patients. Dr. Dan and his staff strive to make each visit pleasant and comfortable as possible. The office is modern, there are TV's in the waiting area as well as on the ceiling above the dental chairs and on the wall in front of the chair which makes for a great distraction. I'm so happy that I found Dental Arts of Westwood. And I do not usually do reviews unless I find something that is extraordinarily special, and that is what I found at Dental Arts of Westwood.

Kathie E., Avon, MA

      7/25/2015

Dr dan is amazing! Needed to get my kids a new dentist due to poor bedside manner by their previous dentist and I definitely made the right decision. Would recommend dental arts of Westwood to anyone seeing a great dentist who understands and is compassionate!

Justin H.

      7/22/2015

Where else can you go to have your teeth worked on and laugh just about the entire visit. The atmosphere is filled with happy smiling employees that love to crack a joke just at the right time. Watching Netflix is is just a small bonus when you're sitting in that dental chair. The high end x-ray equipment is sure to spot everything in your mouth. Yes, even in between your teeth so you better floss. Even thought no one reading this knows me, but from my experience being in the chair I will personally 100% guarantee that you will not feel the novocaine shot!! You will love going to this dentist office after you 1st visit and I bet you will never cancel an appointment even if it's a beach day. Dentist/Beach? I will go to the dentist, because I have more fun there.

Marlena P.

      11/2/2014

Personable, professional, knowledgeable, and efficient staff in a great office.

Sadly, I tend to avoid the dentist. I could care less about the "pain" or discomfort others fear about the dentist. It is just that I typically hate the process: arrogant staff, complicated scheduling, inconvenient times, seemingly oblivious lack of concern for cost & poor communication with patients. That's what I am accustomed to with most dentists...

I'm thrilled to have accidentally found Dental Arts driving by and stumbling in. Perhaps it was divine intervention but I am bringing the whole family over to this practice and wish I had found it earlier.

Do yourself a favor: If looking for a dentist or stuck with one that you are not completely thrilled with: give Doctor Kazachkov & Dental Arts a whirl: you'll be happy you did.

Parker H., Westwood, MA

      5/4/2015

Dr Dan and his team is the best there is! Love them all. They remember you, treat you like family, and take great care of your smile. I had the best dentist before moving to MA and Dental Arts of Westwood met every exceedingly high expectation I had. State of the art facility and the nicest people you will ever meet.

Elise C., Canton, MA

      4/19/2015

When I suddenly cracked a tooth on a Saturday and called my own dentist and was shrugged off until Monday, I did some research and called Dr Dan and his team. In no time, they took me on as a new patient and got me in within 2 hours and now I am all fixed up and have a new crown, all within a 6 hour period! I think I found my new dental practice! Not only is this place friendly and welcoming, but is state of the art and will make you feel comfortable. Now I know dentistry is not exactly comforting, however this place puts you at ease and the team does their best to help you to know exactly what is going on through every procedure. Plus with TVs on the wall and ceilings and every high tech gadget you can think of throughout, you know they know what they are doing. Modern offices, helpful staff and they take all dental insurance and can get you appointments anytime you want? Why not choose this team and switch over today! I will be moving my dental files from an unmentioned Canton dental practice, to this place immediately! Thank you Dr. Dan and team!

Matthew L., Boston, MA

      7/9/2014

I created a Yelp account to write this review. Dr. Daniel Kazachkov is the fourth dentist that I've been to in my life. He redefines the dentist experience. I set an appointment with no expectations. They booked it the same day. There was almost no waiting at all. Whether in the waiting room or after prepped by the dental assistant, I never waited more than a minute or two. Other offices I go to, I end up sitting around waiting. Not here.

Everyone was extremely good at their jobs. Everyone was very knowledgeable including the front desk employees and dental assistants. The hygienist was incredible. She was fast and efficient while still being steady and methodical. And of course Dr. Daniel Kazachkov is simply the best. He is very personable and understanding yet still extremely smart and knowledgeable. It's very hard to explain how good he was, but I can guarantee you that he's better than your current Dentist.

The office was impressive on its own. The waiting room is very inviting and never busy. Infinite, well-organized and updated magazines. Great art on the walls, you can tell the building was freshly renovated which is already a great sign. The chair area was also second to none with LCD televisions in the front wall as well as the ceiling for when you are fully reclined. You can watch whatever you want (including Netflix) and time flies. The hygienist was even maneuvering to keep her head out of my line of sight of the television on the ceiling. The X-Ray machine was a simple hand-held device. Basically, the office is very well designed and recently built to include all of the newest devices in dental technology.

Every single person from every role in this office genuinely cares about your teeth and quality of life in general. Everyone loves their jobs and everyone is damn good at their jobs. I had an amazing experience and I hope to only encourage anyone reading this to not second guess this office or continue searching. This is where you will go for the rest of your life.

Mike B., Lakeville, MA

      4/4/2014

Like the others have said, Dr. Dan and the staff at Dental Arts of Westwood are the best. I had bad experiences at the dentist growing up, and avoided going back for 10 years. They are very much a customer focused practice from start to finish, and having TV's on the wall and ceiling of each room makes a huge difference in keeping you distracted. Best of all, they let you pick the channel, or even pick something on Netflix.

It's clear that Dr. Dan is on the leading edge of dentistry, and has all of the latest equipment as well. They keep you very well informed throughout, showing images of the process and outcomes on the monitors, and they are very transparent when it comes to insurance.

Michael H., Boston, MA

      12/15/2013

Dr. Dan is one of the few dentists I would recommend to friends and family. He was extremely friendly, but more importantly he knows teeth and your mouth. His exam was extremely thorough and comprehensive. He answered all my questions with enough detail for me to get a complete understanding of the science as well as a plan to help prevent some of the issues he discovered. Also he was very good about telling me what he was doing and being gentle while working in my mouth. I was completely comfortable (I'm a horrible dental patient).

Not everyone is big on the office, but I am. The office was clean and same for the dental equipment. You walk by all of the high tech sanitizers and water filtration as you walk to the chair. Once in the chair, everything was high tech. He showed x-rays on the television screen in real time. There was also a second television screen on the ceiling so you could watch Netflix during the procedure. I thought this was pretty unreal since I had never seen that before, but very logical. The rest of the gadgetry appeared to be the latest technology. He also had an original dental drill from Russia on display. I think it was over 100 years old. He is very into his profession.

Great dentist, great office. A+, 10/10, 5 stars!

Justin H.

      September 2013

I always dread going to any doctor, but particularly the dentist. But my experience at Dental Arts of Westwood has been absolutely incredible! I have never felt more calm, comfortable, and so well taken care of at a doctor's office. Dr. Kazachkov really took the time to listen to me and my fears which automatically helped to put me at ease. I walked out of there feeling like a million bucks with my teeth whiter and cleaner than I've seen them since my high school days. I am truly so grateful to him and his wonderful team! To top it all off, his office is as high tech and clean as it gets. I already booked my next appointment and for the first time in my life am counting down the days until I can go back to the dentist!!

Polina R.

      July 2013

Both my wife and I have been visiting Dr. Dan and his excellent team (Sam, Michelle, Al) at Dental Arts Of Westwood for over a year now. Needless to say he is the best dentist that we ever come across. They also have a place covered with full of toys which makes our visit with the kids a joy. Highly recommended...

Emrah C.

      4/30/2012

After recently moving to Westwood area, I googled and found Dental Arts of Westwood. I carefully read the reviews, getting myself ready for some much needed and delayed dental work. I put Dr. Dans phone number in my phone and there it sat, until last week when I waited too long to call, and ended up with some severe pain and problems that needed immediate care. When I called, the person on the phone was kind and understanding, fitting me in right away. As in the previous posts, I will say, the office is beautiful, state of the art, clean, and calmingly cheerful. Dr. Dan and his staff are the best. Professional, calming, informative, and definately high end in their field.

I'm just at the beginning of my road to a happy, healthy smile, but am so grateful to have found this office of amazing folks! Thank you : )

Cathy M., Holliston, MA

      2/12/2012

Not having a particular fear of dentists I had never been too particular about who I went to and thought all dentists were pretty much the same. I could not have been more wrong! Dr. Kazachkov is 3 steps above your average dentist. Here you are not just a customer to be sat down, processed, and tossed aside like other places. He obtains a full medical history, and looks at your teeth as a whole to identify any needs, and what might have caused them. During my cleaning he identified 3 fillings that were needed while making my teeth sparkle like they hadn't in years. When I had the fillings the following week (which he managed to do in a single appointment!) he made absolutely sure my bite was perfect, and even had me follow up to make sure it was still perfect when the numbness wore off. Looking in a mirror you can't even tell I have fillings in these teeth.

In short I can't reccomend Dental Arts of Westwood highly enough. If you are like I was and think dentists are interchangeable you haven't been here.

Andrew H., Brockton, MA

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