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(Kind Email From a Great Patient)

Well let me just start with my teeth, for whom I never realized I could make happy, it's always about me being happy about something nice that was done to my teeth!!!! Well that all changed yesterday, this aspect of my body is actually shining today, they are balanced and buzzing with health, and yes they are also shining!
Your talents in and out of my mouth were inspiring, and I feel safe under your enthusiastic care!!!!

 The best,

(Kind Email From a Great Patient)

When you told me today you'd be calling to check up on me, I was touched and thought to myself "He's no Urman." When I found out you called my mom to make sure I am ok, I was really touched and thought to myself, "he's a local treasure; a treasure."  :)
I am doing fine so far, thank you. Just got the antibiotics.


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Josh C.
Boston, MA
It's not often that you come across such exceptional service and professionalism. I can't think of any organization that delivers a more positive experience. Dr. Kazachkov and the staff are gems, every one of them without exception, and the environment is so comfortable. It removes all feelings of anxiety one might feel about visiting the dentist.  I avoided the dentist for years because of bad past experiences, but after going to Dr. Kazachkov I can now go without having a panic attack. The sensitivity, kindness and understanding all go such a long way. Having been two times now I am no longer afraid. I won't ever enjoy it, but at least I have found a place I can go that works for me.

I have now referred all of my coworkers to Dr Kazachkov.  After having my teeth cleaned and wisdom/molars out the following day, along with two follow up phone calls...I can honestly say without question Dr Kazachkov exceeds the standards of excellence in terms of putting the patient at ease and providing exceptional treatment. This coming from a person who used to dread having his teeth cleaned.

Joshua C.

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Amber D.
Wellesley, MA
I am TERRIFIED of dentists, so after leaving Dr. Kazachkov's office after an emergency root canal with a smile on my face, I will certainly be returning! From my very first phone call to make an appointment, till the follow up call later in the afternoon after my procedure, he and his staff were very kind, considerate, friendly, and accommodating. They guided me through sorting out my insurance issues, worked out a time that fit my schedule, then, when I called after my tooth started hurting a lot, fit me in for an appointment right away, even though I was a new patient!

As for the office, it's very clean and has an open, elegant design. While the massage chairs and tvs in the exam rooms are a nice luxury for "normal" patients, they provide an added distraction to wimps like me who want anything else to focus on than the guy poking around in their mouth! I was still scared, but the doctor was very careful to make everything as painless as possible, checking frequently to make sure I was okay. I was surprised when he was done - for being so careful, he worked quickly, and I hadn't cried once! Afterward he gave me a detailed follow up plan, reassured me, and sent me off with a smile on my face, despite all the fear I'd mustered up for the situation!

Dr. Kazachkov, you might be able to make "dentist" stop being a four letter word to me! Thanks for everything!

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David T.
Wellesley, MA
The first thing I noticed when I entered the facility was how nice and clean it looked.  There is a small section for kids to hang out, magazines to keep you occupied while you wait, and a plethora of windows that let you gaze outside at the landscape.  It is definitely designed to comfort those who enter.

The staff all greeted me with smiles and were very eager to help with any questions that I had.  The dentist guided me through his techniques and processes step by step and brought more complicated vocabulary down to my level so I could understand.  He acknowledged problems I had and gave advice on how to remedy my receding gum line by brushing softly instead of the hard way I've been doing it.

The cleaning process was a breeze.  The massage chair kept me comfortable while I was lying down, the radio played music that I liked, the aesthetics of the room put my mind at ease, and most importantly he responded to any slight movements I made to see if I was in pain.  (There were only a few times I winced but it wasn't anything bad because he was doing such a great job!)

If you're looking for a nice staff that pays attention to you and a great looking facility I'd advise you to give this place a try!

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Donmarie B.
Pepperell, MA
So...this is odd saying you had a great experience at the dentist, but I totally did.  Its just a relaxing atmosphere with smiling faces.  Large flat screen tv to watch in the waiting room w/leather furniture & current magazines to chill with.  In the exam room also a large flat screen tv and surprise, surprise a massaging chair to knead your back while you're having your cleaning and exam.  My teeth are sparkling white & feel awesome.  The cleaning and polishing was relatively quick, but painless and through.  I would reccomend this practice to all.


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Lauren M., Melrose, MA

For as long as I can remember I had a tremendous fear of the dentist!  I met Dr. Dan by chance when I showed up for an emergency visit, I was terrified!! Within seconds of meeting him that fear disappeared, he made me feel a level of comfort that I was never able to achieve with dentists who treated me for years! He does incredible work with a wide range of abilities.  There is absolutely no pain when he administers Novocaine (which I have always thought to be the worst part) and from there all of the procedures that seem horrible are a breeze!  And, it is as if an old friend is working on you. Since Dr. Dan first treated me four months ago I don't believe a week had passed where he hasn't checked to see how I am doing.  He has performed root canals, pulled teeth,  and pretty much everything you can imagine and never did I feel pain or judged because of the condition of my teeth, which I had felt from every dentist who had treated me in the past. I can't recommend Dr. Dan and his beautiful office highly enough. I travel 35 minutes to get there and it is 100% worth it!!!!! If you need a new dentist or are unhappy with your current one you should absolutely go see Dr.Dan at Dental Arts of Westwood right off exit 16 on I-95. Actually even if you have a dentist you like give Dr. Dan a try I believe he will give you a whole new/different perception of a great dentist!

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Emily G.
Westwood, MA

Bear with me, I write this review under the influence of sweet, sweet painkillers after my wisdom tooth extraction two days ago.

To be honest, no one likes the friggin' dentist. Bright lights in your eyes, sore jaw from opening wide, plaque scrapers that chill your very core. But it is indeed an evil necessity, and if you're in Eastie, look no further than Maverick Family Dental.

Due to some stupid insurance policy, I could only get the cracked enamel filled in a few at a time so I was in the dentist's chair several times in the past couple months. Despite this, the staff was accommodating to my need for 8am appointments and were always extremely friendly.

When I showed up to get my wisdom tooth yanked, Dr. Dan asked if I was nervous and I embarrassingly admitted to being so. He assured me that there was nothing to worry about, and the extraction would last less than 12 seconds. He lied - it was 7 total. A world record!

I have one last appointment to get my mouth guard to prevent me from grinding my teeth, then I won't be back for another six months. I think they might miss me when I am not in every week.  And now, back to my regularly scheduled pill-popping...

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