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The Dentists Behind the Dream

Drs. Dan and Shauna Kazachkov, outside their office which serves Dedham, Norwood, Needham, and Westwood MA

Why I Insist on Gentle, Painless Dentistry

My name is Dr. Daniel Kazachkov, DMD, and welcome to our practice. Since I was very young, I have had aspirations of becoming a dentist.  It all started when at the age of five, I had a four hour long root canal procedure.  Since I lived in the USSR there was NO anesthesia used and my mother couldn't even be by my side.  Hearing my sobs of pain from the waiting room she lost consciousness shortly before I did.  After that horrible experience, I vowed to never let that happen to anyone! At that moment my odd but well intentioned dream was born. I am proud to say that now my dream has become reality. This is an exciting time in my life and I want to share my passion for dentistry with you in our practice.

Welcome to Dental Arts of Westwood, I'm Dr. Dan, how can we help you improve your oral health?

Dr. Shauna Kazachkov, DMD

I am one of the lucky people that can say my career chose me! Dentistry was part of my life growing up with a father as a dentist and a sister as a dental hygienist. However, these were not the reasons why I chose my profession. At the age of four on a cold, snowy Wisconsin day, I had a sledding accident. The results were a lacerated tongue, loss of a baby tooth, and damage to an adult tooth. My dental treatment has spanned most of my life because of that one afternoon. As I grew older, I realized my passion for helping people who were not as lucky as I was to grow up in a dental family. This experience has given me empathy for those individuals who have experienced similar dental trauma or suffer from a dental fear. My goal is to perform painless dentistry and connect with my patients on a personal level to provide their desired care.

Tufts University School of Dental Medicine gifted me an acceptance letter on my birthday. From the moment I moved to the east coast, I fell in love with the city of Boston and met my husband the first day of orientation week. Since graduating from dental school, I have proudly served as a Naval dental officer and in the process I have explored different states!

Some of my guilty pleasures include trying new restaurants, pilates, and spending time with my family and friends. To me, "family is where your heart lives, your memories exist, your laughter is plentiful, and your soul is safe." I am blessed to say that two of my best friends are my mother and my husband.

Our Practice

As conscientious and dedicated doctors, we do our best to put into practice the highest standands of the dental profession. Having a compassionate, personable, outgoing and capable dentist will provide you with unmatched patient care.  We are committed to staying up to date with the latest dental techniques, are diligent in our work, and are focused on the details of your care. All this ensures that you and your family will have a fulfilling experience.

You're welcome to visit our practice - we're convenient to Dedham, Norwood, Needham, and of course Westwood. Or, contact us by phone with any questions or concerns and we'll be happy to help any way we can. I was once very wary of dentistry and dentists, but I never let it scare me away from the chair, so much so that I sit to the right of a dental chair each and every day.

Educating Future Dentists, Treating Our Soldiers

Dr. Dan continues to try and impact the science of dentistry day in and day out. Every Wednesday and Thursday Dr. Dan teaches clinical dentistry at Boston University's Goldman School of Dental Medicine, hoping to advance the skill and proficiency of new dentists and help eradicate the still too common fear of dentists.

Dr. Dan also works with U.S. Army Soldiers before they deploy to keep them healthy in the line of duty. Dr. Shauna has been part of the U.S. Navy in recent years and deployed for duty as a Naval Dentist in July, 2011. We at Dental Arts of Westwood appreciate all the hard work that our soldiers do each and every day and thank them for their great service to us and our country.

Education and Credentials

Tufts Diploma

Tufts Diploma

Fellows of American Dent Implant<br />Association

Fellows of American Dental Implant Association


Dr. Dan Kazachkov attended Tufts School of Dental Medicine, one of the world's most renowned dental education programs. Dr. Dan also attained a Fellowship from the American Dental Implant Association and belongs to many accredited dental institutions. He takes extensive continuing education courses from the Esthetic and Implantology Dentistry, from luminaries such as Dr. Frank Spear, Dr. Lindsey Pankey, Dr.Arun Garg and Dr. Noshir Metah.


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